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True West

 Jessica Goldman Houston Press

September 13, 2016

"As Austin and Lee, Farco and Simpson are in perfect synch as warring brothers, offering remarkably generous performances that provide plenty of room for show-stealing moments for them both."
"There's Austin, a straitlaced, uptight Ivy Leauge graduate, a faimly man and a screenwriter. (Played with transformative finesse and impressive range by Nick Farco.)"
   Owed to My First Love 
  Neil Genzlinger NY Times               July 24, 2005

"Nick Farco, the young actor playing the young actor, is assured and engaging enough that he almost overcomes the script's wan stretches. That's especially remarkable because Mr. Farco is the only member of the cast who is not a member of Actors' Equity, the professionals' union."

"The encouraging things in the show, besides the hope that Mr. Farco will turn up in other New Jersey productions, are that Premiere Stages is committed to new works, appears to have solid institutional support and with John Wooten at the helm, can draw on experienced leadership."

The Book of Maggie

Jessica Goldman Houston Press

January 25, 2016

"However, we can set aside the hit-and-miss jokiness of the play and some messy narrative threads for the pure joy of watching Nick Farco's Saint Peter. Swathed in shades of gray, from his curly, helmet-headed hairdo and thick, short beard to his flowing saintly silver-hued robes (The best of Claremarie Verheyen's terrific costumes), this Peter is not the gatekeeper we expect. He's boastful (Forever name-dropping himself as the one who created Christianity), fussily quick to anger (As happens whenever anyone is too close to his gate) and formal but colloquially naff, injecting his metered speech with phrases like "c'mon man." Not to mention his whole sci-fi writing passion that thinly masks his own emotional and religious frustrations with humor and pathos. He's a hoot of a character, drawn with the complexity the other roles lack, and Farco utterly slays it. Physically, Farco oozes a perfect mix of bombast-belying insecurity that enhances his impeccable comedic timing, allowing him to deliver the laughs even on some of Borque-Sheil's less than winning bits."

Lifespan of a Fact

Holly Beretto Houstonia

January 24, 2022

“The character of John D'Agata is the very cliche of an artist: huge ego, brilliant, entitled. Nick Farco plays him with a prickliness that invites sympathy, not an easy trick to pull off, given the character's arrogance."

Dear Jack, Dear Louise

D.L. Groover Houston Press
October 14, 2021

"Farco and Santiago make a good pair. At first, he's awkward and shy, she's brass and confident. As the years pass, his war experience opens him to buried emotions, while her attempt at Broadway stardom softens her."

Dear Jack, Dear Louise

Comfort Katchy Broadway World
October 18, 2021

"Nick Farco and Alexis Santiago lead the show as a dynamic duo. Their performance is energetic and lively. The cast offered Houston an incredible welcome-back to live theatre. The audience was filled with laughter and joy as the duo invited us into this heartwarming love-story. It is a marvelous night of live theatre."
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